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Samsung Ml 1675 Fix Firmware Reset




Edit: I found a cheap solution. Open the youtube app, login and click on the profile pic in the top right corner. Click download video and save the file onto your sd card, this will save it as a mp4. Open your explorer window. Navigate to the path that is shown in your photo (it might be C:usersname) double click on the file you just downloaded and the video will begin playing. It'll be a 7 minute video and it will be a geforce 1080. P.S. this should ONLY work if you had the geforce gt 610 or gt 610m installed, there is a bigger chance of your card working with this firmware. 2. Reinstall the chipset driver. Right click "My Computer" and click "Manage". Right click "Devices and Printers" under "Computer" and click "Uninstall". Right click "Device Manager" and click "Update Driver Software". You should see "Display Audio Device" as well as your sound card driver (Dell WBLED-1). Click the Driver tab and click "Uninstall". Click "Update" and wait for the driver to reinstall. 3. Try the following in this order. 1. Resume normal operation. Let it sit for a couple of hours. 2. Reinstall any security software that came with your laptop. If you don't have security software installed (I don't think this applies to you because you're getting a Geforce 1080 as a result of this fix) I would strongly recommend this. I'm no security expert so I don't have any advise on how to get the best results, but this seems to have been the most successful for me so far. If that doesn't work, 3. Reinstall windows (if it's a home computer you probably have easy access to a win 7 disk), What I suggest you to do next is, to "repair" the sound card driver. Boot your computer in "Safe Mode" (if you don't know how to do this, just ask here, or google, and the you'll find out. It is a very important thing to do this. 1. Open "Devices and Printers" 2. Right click on your sound card (I'm assuming you have an audio jack pluged into it) and select "Uninstall" 3. Now choose



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Samsung Ml 1675 Fix Firmware Reset

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